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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another one of my early favourite clients was Emily and her Mother.
I believe it was Emily’s Mother who made the booking and treated Emily to her first Bonding ultrasound experience.
Again these were early days and the pictures were not very spectacular but I did learn one important thing about Bonding ultrasound with this Bub and that is, that even though the images are a struggle sometimes the behaviours and gestures which are caught can be far more rewarding than a smooth clear shot.

A few weeks after her baby arrived I saw Emily and her Mother in the Spa getting their hair done and got the chance to see their new arrival in a different light, so to speak.
Emily commented on the picture above saying that her baby could be in a room with many identical looking Bubs but she would instantly recognize her Bubs smile.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to the A Peek of U blog page.

From time to time we will update this page with new stories and images so that you can see the quality of our work and gain some insight into why and how we do what we do.

I would like to start with a couple of images of one of our first and one of my favourite clients. Chutma and Matt.

Chutima’s and Matt’s little guy was a very stubborn little one and they came back for re-scans 3 times.

Actually I invited them back the third time because Chutima brought me some home-made Thai spring rolls (yumm) on her second visit and they lived very close by. This little guy did not want to cooperate and I was still trying to learn my new machine.

Chutima agreed to be the model for the article in the local paper (see what’s new page on main website) “Here’s looking at you Kid” which was very kind of her.

In all this was a very rewarding experience with a very appreciative and nice couple.