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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

long legs and very shy

Sometimes our little subjects can be shy and cover their face with a little hand or foot but this Bub set new records for hiding it's face. She had an arm, lower leg and foot in front of her face. Several times she demonstrated her long legs by putting her knee in front of her face which was a little puzzling since neither parent were particularly tall. The mystery was solved though when the mother smiled and said her brother was over six feet tall. I recommended basketball school for this one. Eventually she did come around as you can see in the short video clip and the wait and effort was worth it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Early in the NewYear a young couple came in with their Aunt for a very special viewing of a very special new family member. At first you don't understand all the fuss. Yes she is a very cute little girl but then I was told that the last 25 babies born to the mother and father's families were all boys the significance of this cute little girl suddenly became apparent.
Several crystals were done of this very special little girl one of which is proudly displayed at her Aunts home in Chile.

pesky twin sister

We sometimes see remarkable flexibility with some of our Bubs but if you don't know the full story this video can be a little shocking.

The foot in the first part belongs to the little face in the second part. In other words the kicking culprit was her twin sister. She seems to be making a comment to the offending foot but I am not a lip reader so she could be saying anything.
One afternoon when I was getting ready to leave Wollongong a couple came in and asked if 37 weeks was too late for a Bonding ultrasound. I said the only sure way to tell was to hop up on the table and I will have a look (free of charge of course). It soon became evident that while not an easy task we could still get pretty good pictures. They didn't have the time for a proper session that day but came back in a day or so. The resultant pictures and video were excellent and I got the best tongue shot I have ever done (see the video).